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IPSW Download from your computer

What is IPSW

If you are new to jailbreaking, You can heard the word about IPSW. What is IPSW ? This is file extension that means iPhone Software. This file is useful when you are using jailbreaking tool like Redsnow.

How I can find IPSW file ?

Sometimes in your computer IPSW file may be hide. So you need to show this file. I think you already know how to show hidden files and folders. Following methods will show how to show hidden files.

ipsw downloadDouble Click My Computer  – - > Click Open Control Panel  — > Click Appearance and Personalization – - > Click Folder Options — > Click View – - > Click Show hidden files, folders and drives – - > Click OK

This method is little different with your OS. We think you can do it properly.

You can find IPSW file in your computer. You can find this file under iTunes folder. Again click my computer and follow these steps.

Double Click My Computer  – - > Click C: drive  — > Click Users  – - > Click AppData — > Click Roaming – - > Click Apple Computer – - > Click iTunes – - > Click iPhone or iPod Software Updates

Now you can see IPSW file on your computer. This method is for Windows 7. We think you can find it for other Windows OS also. If you do not know the method follow this simple step.

Go to Windows Search and type iTunes. Now you can find that file Under iPhone or iPod Software Updates.

You can upload IPSW file using Redsn0w jailbreaking tool. Click extras button and following window will be appear.

redsnow ipsw

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