Redsnow is the best way to jailbreak iPhone, iPods and iPads

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Redsnow tool you can use with Windows and MAC platforms. This software has several versions according to the iOS. They have released Redsn0w 0.9.10b6 version to users recently ( This is the latest version in the Redsnow ). This version they have released for iOS latest version 5.1.0.

Most iDevices users are looking to jailbreak their device using Redsnow. Redsnow has released their versions for Windows and MAC, so it is not compatible with Linux. You can download Redsnow versions for Windows and MAC using following Links.

How to use Redsnow in Linux ? Redsnow not provide their solution to Linux. But you can follow simple technique to use Redsnow with your Linux platform. This is “ Wine “ , You can run Windows applications in the Linux using Wine. Before you are using Redsnow you need to install Wine.

We have seen some websites are mentioned as Redsnow is not longer work. Then they are promoting their products. Can you believe this ? Please don’t believe this. Redsnow got success day by day because this is one of the best tool for jailbreak iDevices and also we need to thanks to iPhone Dev Team to development for this tool.  You can use this tool without paying money. They have mentioned as “ Don’t use this tool for commercial purposes”. Download Redsnow using following links for MAC and Windows.

We recommend to download jailbreAk Tool which is useful to download correct jailbreaking tool compatible with your device.

Download – JailbreAk Tool


Download Redsnow for MAC 

Download Redsnow for Windows


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