Redsnow is the best way to jailbreak iPhone, iPods and iPads

Install Cydia with Redsnow

Redsnow is a iDevices jailbreaking tool and Cydia is third party application which is using in iDevices. This application was developed by Jay Freeman ( Saurik ).

Redsnow software provides installation of Cydia option with jailbreaking. While you are jailbreaking with Redsnow this Window you need to click “Install Cydia ” and click next. Because after jailbraking you can see Cydia with your iDevices. This is much important software to your device.

We are telling Cydia is great application by Saurik. This is like a hub in jailbroken devices. You can imagine how hub is working, it is act as a center location data communication device. Think about Cydia, this is also act as hub.

cydia and redsnowBefore you jailbreak iDevices you are downloading, installing and much more through Apple App Store. We are thinking “ Apple App Store ” like a hub before jailbreaking. But Apple has done some restrictions to use other applications which are not approved by Apple. This point is got headache to iDevices users and they move to jailbrok software. You need to keep in mind Cydia is not in Apple App Store, It’s act as a Apple App Store for jailbroken devices  (It’s like alternative to Apple App Store).

Cydia got one of the main part in the jailbroken devices. You can customize iDevice anyway with Cydia. It’s allow everything which are not allow by Apple like software download, installation, themes, backgrounds, modification with SMS, ring tones and much more. Simply we can say “ You can customize your iDevice through Cydia as you like ”. This site mentioned how to download Cydia for your iPhone, iPad or iPod properly.

Are you still waiting to jailbreaking iDevice ? Redsnow will open path for you.

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