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Evasion Download

We like to give direct download links for Evasion jailbreak tool. This is one of the famous tool for latest Ios firmware. Most REDSNOW.BIZ users request for Evasion download links. This tool you can download for Windows, MAC and Linux platforms. (Click here to see minimum OS requirements).

                Windows                             MAC                         Linux

Evasion 1.5.1        Download                        Download                        Download

Evasion 1.5           Download                        Download                        Download

Evasion 1.4          Download                        Download                        Download

Evasion 1.3          Download                        Download                        Download

Evasion 1.2         Download                         Download                        Download

Evasion 1.1         Download                         Download                        Download

Evasion 1.0        Download                         Download                        Download

evasion download links

You can download previous Evasi0n jailbreak tools from Google sites and now they uploaded these files to MEGA site. Please click to agree with “MEGA terms and services ” and click download button for download the file. Most of the times Evad3rs uploaded to this site because of huge downloads.