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Download iOS 6, 6.0.1 IPSW file for your device

Apple has released iOS 6 with their devices and another iOS chapter opened with new features. When we are going to jailbreak Redsnow, Absinthe or any best tool IPSW download is useful. Following links are direct download links for iOS 6 IPSW. You can download file for your device.

Device                                 iOS 6.0.1


5 CDMA                                 Download

5 GSM                                    Download

4S                                          Download

4  CDMA                                Download

4  GSM                                  Download

4 (3,2)                                   Download

3 GS                                    Download


4                                           Download

Mini                                    Download

3 LTE CDMA                       Download

3 LTE GSM                         Download

3 Wi – Fi                             Download

2 3G CDMA                       Download

2 3G GSM                         Download

2 New Gen                       Download

2 (2,4)                              Download

iPod Touch

5th Gen                           Download

4th Gen                           Download

Device                                 iOS 6


5 CDMA                                 Download

5 GSM                                    Download

4S                                          Download

4  CDMA                                Download

4  GSM                                  Download

4 (3,2)                                   Download

3 GS                                    Download


3 LTE CDMA                       Download

3 LTE GSM                         Download

3 Wi – Fi                             Download

2 3G CDMA                       Download

2 3G GSM                         Download

2 Wi – Fi                            Download

2 (2,4)                              Download

iPod Touch

5th Gen                           Download

4th Gen                           Download

When we are using Redsn0w this files need to download to your PC. If you need to download iOS 5 versions click here to download it relevant with your device.



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